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What is Velour?

The interior of a motor vehicle can mean the difference between a pleasant trip and an awful trip.

There are many materials used in automotive upholstery. Leather, vinyl, plastics and velour are all popular materials that are used to cover car seats, doors and other interior portions.

Velor is a pleasant short-pile trim-fabric resembling velvet. Velour looks like velvet but is less shiny.

Velour is luxurious to the touch. And, because velour is a knit, it is highly stretchy. In upholstery applications, velour is found on couches, car seats, and in draperies. The fabric is often used in upholstery because it is more giving than velvet, and less likely to become damaged through hard wear. Velour is also relatively easy to care for, especially when compared with the softer velvet material.

When velour is used in upholstery, it may be treated with flame-resistant compounds or made from a flame-resistant thread to increase safety.

Velour is a material that can give a vehicle’s interior a classy look, which can add to the pleasant atmosphere one requires inside an automobile cabin.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is Velour?’!

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