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What is a Retrofit?

Retrofit ting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems. In the motor vehicle industry, an example of retrofitting is car customizing. The process of car customizing is where older vehicles are fitted with new technologies.

You might be an owner of an HQ Holden that has wind up windows, an am/fm radio, and a heater with a demister. This adds up to being the total in creature comforts that the old HQ has on offer. As an HQ fanatic through and through, you can’t bear to part with the old HQ. So, to keep up with the times you look at doing a retrofit on your HQ with power windows, air conditioning, a CD player with 4 speakers, cruise control (for the long outback roads), and remote keyless entry. And as you’ve forked out enough ‘dosh’ for one year you intend to retrofit the old girl with a sunroof and airbags the following summer.

The production of retrofit parts is necessary in manufacture when the design of a large assembly is changed or revised. If, after the changes have been implemented, a customer (with an old version of the product) wishes to purchase a replacement part, then retrofit parts and assembling techniques will have to be used so that the revised parts will fit suitably onto the older assembly.

Additional or improved production parts (such as airbags) belatedly fitted to an existing vehicle is a common practice amongst car enthusiasts worldwide. Australia isn’t the only country with petrol heads who like to tinker.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Retrofit?’!

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