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What is Brake Fluid?

Brake Fluid defined

Essential to any car’s braking performance is the quality of brake fluid that lies in the vehicle’s braking system. Brake fluid needs to be replaced at the car manufacturer’s stated intervals to ensure that fluid viscosity is kept high and that any unwanted moisture content inside the system is kept to a minimum. Ultimately, this is to ensure that the braking system will work at its optimum capability time and time again, even in the most demanding of driving situations. If brake fluid is too old, the brake fluid’s consistency is compromised and may put occupant safety at risk, particularly in an emergency braking procedure.

When pressure is applied to the brake pedal by the driver, break fluid is forced from the master cylinder to the brake cylinders to create an activation force applied to the brake pads. When this force is applied on the brake pads, the pads either contact the brake discs or drums, depending on the cars braking set-up. This contact will result in the slowing down of the car’s velocity.

Brake fluid comes in different grades. Obviously, the premium grades of brake-fluid are more expensive.

Although all brake fluid has a small percentage of water in it, too much water being held in the brake fluid system contaminates and affects braking performance. Excess water can also be corrosive to the brake fluid lines.
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