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What is a Bowser?

If you have never heard the word before, the word bowser sounds like a term one would use for a clumsy and perhaps socially inept person. However, the term bowser is the generic term used by Australians for the petrol pump. At the bowser, the consumer will find a variety of fuel types. Unleaded Petrol is the most common fuel type in Australia for passenger vehicles. Also available is the higher octane premium unleaded petrol, and diesel fuel types. The fuel that is in limited supply (and is being phased out) is the Lead Replacement Petrol which was the fuel type brought in to replace the lead based petrol. 98 RON is a high-octane unleaded fuel alternative that maximizes engine power and performance, and produces much less pollution. 98 RON is sold at the bowser and is marketed under the BP Ultimate brand name. In 2006, biodiesel blended fuel (made up of regular diesel mixed with biodiesel) became available at some Australian service station bowsers and is a product that has much lower environmental impact. Also available is Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). Despite LPG cars having lower fuel economy compared to petrol-powered vehicles, fuel costs will usually be lower, as retail LPG prices tend to be lower than other fuel products.

LPG, at present, is very much an environmentally friendly fuel type. Fuel prices at the bowser have unfortunately been on the increase, making driving that slightly more expensive for the everyday motorist. One lives in hope that these ever increasing fuel prices will reverse their current trend to make fuel costs at the bowser cheaper again.
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