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Great EVs Available in Australia

Ever wanted to bite the bullet and go over to electric?  Driving electric is getting a little more popular, particularly as EV technology has moved on since the electric postie mobile, electric milk float or electric ice cream van.  EVs are appealing in that they offer zero emissions (once built) and offer much lower running costs.  The other thing about EVs is that they are rather fast; delivering a strong surge of power that is immediate – and the acceleration is unlike anything seen in the present and past world of combustion engines.

Here are some EVs you can buy in Australia:

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2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Is On The Way.

Hyundai Motor Company’s long awaited revamp of the Santa Fe was unveiled in the first week of June. There are clear signs of exterior change and a freshen up for the interior brings higher level of passenger comfort and convenience.What could point the way to a new design ethos for the brand is a new grille shape and look. There’s a heavier emphasis on the diamond styling in the grille itself, with the LED “eyebrow” driving lights slimmed down even further, and the headlights changed in shape and brought towards a more even line on either side of the grille. A pair of driving lights fall down from the eyebrows in a sweeping curve and form a bisecting line for the main lights in a T-shape.

Down in each bottom quarter the air intakes have also been reduced in size. This brings a more elegant and stylish look to the whole front end presence. There’s also elegance in the side profile, with a line drawn from the the DRLs to the leading edge of the rear lights. This runs over enlarged wheel arches which house 20 inch wheels. The rear lights have been given a subtle makeover, with a more defined arrowhead look on the outer edges, and are now joined by a bar located on the tailgate. There is also a T-shape inside the rear lights turned 90 degrees.

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New Vehicle Sales Continue The Downward Slide.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has released the new vehicle sales statistics for May 2020. Unfortunately for the Australian new car market, it shows a continued decline in cars finding homes. Compared to May 2019, which saw 92,561 vehicles sold, May 2020 had a reduction of 35.3 per cent, down to 59,894. VFACTS says this is the largest drop in sales since recording of sales began in 1991.

Victoria saw the biggest drop, with over 11,000 fewer vehicles sold in May 2020 compared to May 2019. It dropped from 26,136 to 15,366. New South Wales dropped by a similar margin, from 29,654 to 19,403.

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2020 Subaru Forester Hybrid – S Hybrid & XV Hybrid – Private Fleet Car Review.

This Car Review Is About: Two new Hybrid vehicles for the Australian market, courtesy of Subaru. The Forester is the brand’s best seller, and along with the XV sees the company launch their first forays into the hybrid arena.

Each come with a varying trim range. The Forester Hybrid comes in Forester Hybrid-L and Forester Hybrid-S trim, and is available in four “normal” levels; 2.5i, 2.5i-L, 2.5i Premium, and 2.5i-S. XV is available in XV Hybrid AWD, and 2.0i, 2.0i-L AWD, 2.0i Premium AWD, and 2.0i-S AWD.

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New Protocols for Euro NCAP Crash Testing

Moving Barrier in new Euro NCAP tests.

‘Euro NCAP’; so what do all these letters mean?  Euro, obviously, means ‘European’, and NCAP means ‘New Car Assessment Programme’.  So what this team at Euro NCAP does is test out new cars by putting put them through a stringent crash test to see how they perform.  New cars need to meet a set of standards in order to get marked as having a certain level of crash safety.  This is really handy for the likes of you and me because it provides new car, and second-hand car, buyers a good informative test standard whereby we can satisfy ourselves that a car we’re about to buy meets levels of crash-test safety that we’re happy with.

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Looking Smart: 2021 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo.

BMW has the wherewithal to build a car for all segments, potentially even a segment or two that don’t exist. The 6 Series Gran Tourismo could be considered to be a segment creator. An update has just been released and here’s what we know.

Outside there has been a redesign of each end. BMW’s fixation on enlarging the kidney grille, its signature part of the frontal view, has been applied here. Slimmer headlights accentuate these, making them look even larger. On either side are new Adaptive LED Headlights with matrix technology fitted as standard, and latest version of BMW Laserlight can be ordered as an option.There are new exterior colours and additional BMW Individual paint finishes to allow personalisation. There is a M Sport package with new parts, particularly a striking front apron and large diffuser element at the rear. Optional M Sport brakes now with a choice of blue or red-painted callipers. These will sit inside 18-inch light-alloy wheels fitted as standard on the most powerful petrol and diesel engines, and there are new light-alloy wheels in 19- and 20-inch formats available as an option.

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Should I Apply for Car Loan Pre-Approval?

As part of the car buying process, you’ll typically hone your new car search to a specific model before then applying for finance. All the while, you’ll be left in an uncertain state wondering if the car will still be available by the time you secure finance. Fortunately, however, car loan pre-approvals can help you overcome this uncertainty.

Car loan pre-approval relies on the financier providing its conditional approval for you to buy a car within a certain budget. The lender will take into account your financial position based on the information you supply them. On top of that, as a buyer you are under no obligation to go ahead with the purchase or the loan itself, which is only a pre-emptive step.

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Why You Should Think Twice About Buying a Car with Hail Damage

In the ACT, new car sales have remained remarkably resilient amid the COVID-19 lockdown. One of the driving forces behind the steady showing has been the significant hail storms that damaged a large amount of cars earlier in the year.

Since then, new car sales have been up year-on-year throughout February, March and April in the nation’s capital. Such an event raises an interesting consideration for many – that is, whether it is a wise decision to buy a car with hail damage. While the prospect of saving thousands in dollars can be appealing, there are definitely troubles that you can run into.

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A Legacy Of Luxury: Bentley Digital Design.

With a brand such as Bentley, and the history and heritage the brand has, embracing the digital age can be fraught with conflict. Just how does a design for something to go inside be compatible, will it suit the look and “feel” of a particular vehicle, will its intended purpose grow old gracefully or be out of date in a few years?

Design teams aim for a particular look and in the case of such a brand as Bentley, that look must tie in with what has come before. One key area is that of what the driver will look at every time they slide onto the sumptuously appointed seats of a Flying Spur. The dashboard dials and multimedia interfaces are an area that Graeme Smith and his team of Human Machine Interface (HMI) designers at Bentley have taken on with great success.Utilising what is called a “mood board”, Smith and the team lay out the images of what will appear on the digital screen for the Flying Spur. The colors, the icons, that will be seen are reviewed in conjunction with the main designers at Crewe, the home of Bentley. Critical to the look, says Smith, is choosing to go 2D or use what is called skeuomorphic design. “A Bentley isn’t a smartphone; it’s going to be used and cherished for generations. So we chose a skeuomorphic approach that will age with the car. Look at pure digital instrument graphics from ten years ago – they’ve dated faster than the car they were part of.”

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2020 Toyota Granvia VX: Private Fleet Car Review.

This Car Review Is About: A big box on wheels that has luxury inside. Toyota has taken the HiAce LCV that was updated in 2019, and given it a makeover on the inside, and a light tickle outside. In Granvia or Granvia VX specification, it can be fitted with either a six or eight seater configuration. We drove the VX with the six seats.

How Much Does It Cost?: Toyota’s website gives an area dependent costing. The Granvia in Ebony Pearl is circa $68,360, and with Crystal Pearl, Silver pearl, or Graphite is circa $68,990. Bump to VX spec and there’s $81,560 to $82,200.

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