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What to Do if You Have Squeaky Windscreen Wipers?

There are certain noises in life that raise the hairs on the back of the neck.

Fingernails down a blackboard, the sound of screeching tyres behind you, for some it is even the chewing of a loved one…

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Who and What is ANCAP?

All new vehicles sold in Australia and surrounding areas must undergo testing to assess how safe that car is. Graded with a star rating, the more stars a car has, the safer that car is. ANCAP, also known as the Australasian New Car Assessment Program, provides a substantial overview of what makes a car tick the boxes safety wise.

A few years ago, ANCAP changed the parameters in what they use to assess the safety of a car. There are four key areas: Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Vulnerable Road User Protection, and Safety Assist.

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Australia’s Best Racing Circuits, and a Bit of Porsche News at the End.

Australia is a racing car enthusiast’s haven. When professional car racing first began in Australia, it lacked the local presence of manufacturers from brands like Ferrari and Mercedes – both of which helped establish a strong racing tradition in Europe.  Despite Europe’s success, Australia was able to build racetracks down under that Australians and people around the world enjoyed visiting to watch – and even today they deliver some of the very best motor racing has to offer.

5 of the most famous racetracks in Australia would have to be:

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New Cars to Buy – Exciting!

Along with the new SUVs showcased last time, Australia will also see some other exciting vehicles arriving in the coming months.  Keep your eyes out for the following:


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Funky New SUVs To Buy

Here’s some new SUVs that have already arrived or will be arriving in Australia over the next little bit.  Many of them are new Hybrid, PHEV or EV SUVs.  There’s something for everyone, so keep your eyes out for the following:

SsangYong Torres

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Is it Time we Scrap the Luxury Car Tax?

Following changes to the thresholds for the luxury car tax, the future of the impost is once again in the spotlight, especially now that Australia’s days of local auto manufacturing are well and truly in the rear-view mirror. The measure was first introduced with the intention to help protect local manufacturers amid the slew of high-spec vehicles that one can only assume were deemed to be an ‘impediment’ to jobs and the economy.

On the back of the changes in 2022, the 33% tax applying to imported vehicles less than two years of age now covers a value in excess of $71,849 including GST, or a threshold of $84,916 for fuel-efficient vehicles where that car consumes no more than 7L of fuel per 100km.

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Could a Citroën ë-Jumpy Hydrogen be Feasible in Australia?

Currently (July 2022) in Australia, hydrogen refuelling stations are found in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.  Green hydrogen (H2) is a cleaner fuel for running a motor to power a vehicle.  H2 is produced using electricity that has been made from renewable resources (sun, wind, hydro) and is one effective way to aid the reduction of unwanted gas emissions.  Hydrogen is also the simplest and most abundant chemical element in nature that is almost always bound to another element.  It can be used as a clean and inexhaustible energy.  You can even create a hybrid vehicle where hydrogen and batteries can combine to propel a hydrogen-ev forwards.

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Chrysler Airflow EV Concept

Chrysler Airflow EV Concept

For me, there are two cars in particular I enjoy seeing, and both for which proudly wear the Chrysler badge.  I always take the time to admire them every time I walk past one on the street, or I’ll enjoy watching one as it rolls by out on the road.  For me, the Chrysler 300 and the Chrysler Valiant are two great looking cars that provide plenty of power, comfort, and a special drive.

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Braking Systems in Today’s Cars

You might not have realised it before, but there are a number of different braking technologies incorporated into today’s latest range of cars. They might fly under the radar, if anything, but all those acronyms are more than just an abbreviation, they are a life-saving invention designed to look after your safety. So, what are the different types of braking technology?


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Becoming Greener, Saving Money, and Other Ways to Get About

It’s always a prudent idea to have a little bit of cash tucked away for a rainy day.  As much as we like to drive, there are some other ways of getting to work or the shops, especially if you’re one who lives in a city or town, which will probably be most of us.

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