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What is Duco?

The word Duco was a trade name given to a product line of automotive lacquer that was used to seal a motor vehicle’s bodywork before rolling off the production line. Duco was developed by the DuPont company in the 1920s, and was a nitrocellulose lacquer or paint extensively used until the early 1960s. Under the Duco brand, DuPont introduced the very first quick drying multi-colour line of lacquers that were especially designed for the automotive industry. The term Duco is still used in every day language by a number if Australians.

Duco still makes a range of products for paint protection and enhancing the gloss on a car. Duco products are a must for all those who love to make their prized set of wheels the stunning beast it can be.

Duco also makes a range of products for enhancing and protecting the look of a car’s interior – leather, fabric, vinyl and carpet. And Duco also has a number of product packages targeted at cars, motorbikes or even mountain bikes. And if you want a racy-looking decal, Duco Scratch also have the hottest decals in Australia!

A quick visit to the Duco Scratch site or shop may be just the thing if you want to hunt out a pressie for someone’s birthday or Christmas – or to treat yourself.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is Duco?’!

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