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What is Radial Tuned Suspension?

Radial Tuned Suspension defined

Radial tyres are said to give longer tread life of the tyre, better handling, and a softer ride at medium and high speeds. This is when they are compared with the bias or belted-bias tyres.

The radial tyre has the carcass plies laid across the circumference of the tyre from bead to bead. Two or more belts are also laid under the tread. This tyre construction gives strength to the sidewall and greater strength to the tread.

Because there are different types of tyre designs, one can expect that the handling characteristics of each design will differ. The suspension set-up is crucial to how a car performs on the road and around corners. The radial tuned suspension is one that has been specifically designed to suit the handling characteristics of the radial tyre.

When the 1977-1978 Holden HZ sedan was introduced, there was plenty to celebrate with the new model. One of the main features of this model was the new Radial Tuned Suspension (RTS). The radial tuned suspension created a revolution in Aussie big car design. Until the Holden HZ, Australian motorists had become used to grappling with the understeer characteristics of many big sedans driven in Australia. It was the Radial Tuned Suspension ystem which helped tame the large Holden sedan, giving it precise and predictable handling. The car’s suspension was tuned to ride on radial specific tyres. Having the car suspension set up for using a specific tyre design is a safe way of ensuring that the handling remains as sharp as possible.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is Radial Tuned Suspension?’!

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