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What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection?

Pre-Delivery Inspection defined

A pre-delivery inspection is a standard procedure carried out by a vehicle sales and workshop team. In a pre-delivery inspection, the vehicle is checked over to ensure that everything is working properly and safely. Often a checklist is worked through.

The items on the checklist include such things as the exterior of the vehicle which is inspected for its condition and the installation of panels and attachments. Any defects are identified and noted. Simple repairs can be done on the spot.

The interior of the vehicle is also inspected in a predelivery inspection. This includes the interior condition and installation of any of the panels and items. Defects are identified and noted on the manufacturer’s check list. Simple repairs are done on the spot once again.

In the next part of a pre delivery inspection, the engine is checked over for tightness and leakages. Any simple adjustments can be made, and any simple defects can be rectified. Fluid levels under the bonnet are checked with the engine off.

Then comes the noisy part of the pre-delivery inspection. The engine is also started and brought up to normal operating temperature, and again checks are carried out on fluid levels, leaks and tightness of the engine components. Simple adjustments can be made according to vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

During a pre-delivery inspection, the vehicle will be taken for a run and operated in compliance with the Road Code to test its operation. This will include the car running at speeds up to and including the open road limit.

After completing the pre-delivery inspection all the simple problems will have been noted and fixed. The more complex problems will also have been noted, but will then be handed over to a specialist mechanic to fix.

A pre-delivery inspection ensures that any work that has to be done on the vehicle is carried out prior to the vehicle reaching the customer. The motor vehicle should then be functioning perfectly when the vehicle is sold to the customer.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection?’!

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