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What is a Driving Light?

Driving Light defined

Driving light s are a wonderful addition to the high-beam head lights that already exist on a motor vehicle. Switching on an extra set of lights will brighten up the way ahead. This additional forward illumination can be quite magnificent, particularly if a motor vehicle’s driving lights are high powered. Some cars come off the production floor are already equipped with a set of driving lights. Usually, driving lights will be found on high performance models, serious four-wheel-drives, tractors, rescue vehicles and those Christmas tree trucks that you see coming straight towards you at night on the open road.

Driving lights can be an additional safety feature for the driver of a motor vehicle that has driving lights. This is because night driving becomes that much easier. However, it is very important to be considerate of drivers coming towards you. Very high powered driving-lights can be extremely dazzling to an oncoming driver. This is not safe and can be exceedingly annoying for the driver who must slow down in order to travel safely past the glaring lights. So do be considerate if you’re driving at night in a car that has a lovely set of stunning driving lights. Make sure those driving lights aren’t too bright – oncoming drivers don’t want that close a look at them!We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Driving Light?’!

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