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What is an On-Road Cost?

Buying a car is big step for most people. It is important for you to learn (or have someone who knows explain) what the term on-road costs actually means. The subtle extra costs, known as onroad costs, often lurk in the fine print areas of the forms one has to sign before purchasing the new car.

More often than not, at the sales yard, the price tag displayed in the window of the car is the price before on road costs are added. The extra charges such as state registration fees, third party insurance, state stamp duty, delivery and preparation charges are made above the recommended retail price. So, not always is the price in the window all there that is required to be paid in exchange for the car keys.

“On-road costs”, that little bit extra one pays before the red tape can be cut prior to purchasing a vehicle from a car-sales dealer.

Now don’t forget the insurance costs before driving the vehicle off the sales-yard! Insurance costs are not part of the overall package, and need to be organised by the buyer.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is an On-Road Cost?’!

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