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What is a Hot Wire?

Hot Wire defined

It is possible to make a car engine fire-up without a key. With the use of a hot wire , the normal ignition lock can be bypassed so that a connection is made between the battery and the coil. When this connection is made via the hot wire, the engine is provided with the power from the battery so that the engine is turned over and started.

It may be important to make it clear that a hot wire is not a sexy telegram. The name “hot-wire” refers to the live cables that are involved in carrying the charge from the battery to the engine.

Hot-wiring is a simple way of starting a vehicle’s engine without a key (my brother had to do this for a fortnight after he lost his key) and this is a method often used by thieves to steal cars. Car alarms and security devices are so important when the method of hot-wiring a car is abused by car thieves. It is not a good idea to hotwire your car if you lost your key like my brother did. Keep and use a spare key.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Hot Wire?’!

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