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What is a Snow Chain?

Snow Chain defined

Yes, snow chain s are great for gaining extra grip in slippery conditions.

I once had to drive a rear wheel driven flat-deck Toyota Hilux (an older model – the new ones should perform better than that one) up a hill with fresh snow. The truck was so light at the back that traction was easily snuffed out. After applying snow chains, the truck felt a totally different vehicle, and I was able to complete my ascent. Snow chains can even make a huge difference in muddy conditions as well.

The only thing to bear in mind is once traction has been lost with the snow chains having been applied, you are “up the creek without a paddle”, to put it mildly! Be warned!

Whenever you venture into Alpine areas in Australia where there is the chance that you will experience snow and ice, always carry chains. It is also advisable that in muddy and slippery conditions in the outback that you have chains onboard. Make sure they are the correct size for your tyres and are in working order. Ensure that you know how to fit them and if they are hired fit them prior to leaving the shop.

Snow chains can be purchased from many outlets across Australia. And if you’re travelling across the Tasman for a skiing holiday in New Zealand’s Queenstown, you’ll find plenty of places with snow chain rental. Don’t forget them.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Snow Chain?’!

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