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What is Bench Seat?

 Bench Seat defined

A bench seat is the car interior equivalent of a sofa or couch. A bench seat consists of a cushion that extends the width of the car. This cushion of a bench seat is capable of seating three people. Bench seats are usually found in the rear seat of a vehicle that has two ranks of seating (front and rear). The back of the bench seat varies somewhat. Older cars tended to have the back of the bench seat in one solid piece to match the seat cushion. This is still often the case in sedan type cars, although an armrest can sometimes be folded down into the middle of the bench seat to provide a bit of extra comfort. Station-wagons and hatchbacks tend to have a 60/40 split in the rear of the back seat, allowing the seat backs to be folded down to increase the luggage space while still allowing seating for two, one or no passengers, depending on the needs of the load to be carried. Some modern cars have a “ski hatch”, which allows a long load to go through the back of the seat and lie flat across the middle of the bench seat between the two rear passengers.

Bench seats are also sometimes found in the front row of seats. If a car has a front bench seat, the space that is normally occupied by the gearstick, handbrake and storage console is occupied by the middle part of the bench seat cushion. A car with a front bench seat usually have a column change gear lever.

Single cab utes and trucks also often have a bench seat for their only row of seating, allowing two passengers to be carried.
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