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What is Drive-By-Wire?

Drive-By-Wire defined

Drive by wire sounds high-tech and it is. In a motor vehicle, there are many systems that work in conjunction with each other to enable a vehicle to be driven down the road. Many of the systems can be mechanically or hydraulically driven. However, it is becoming more and more common, particularly in luxury models, to have these hydraulic and mechanical systems replaced with electronic controls and systems, which are usually referred to as drive-by-wire systems. To take one example, the BMW 7 series has replaced its mechanical/hydraulic steering system to drive-by-wire system.

When you drive a car like the BMW 7-series which has drive by wire, the driver steers the vehicle through an electronic system – the drive-by-wire. Brakes, too, are becoming more heavily controlled by electronic or drive-by-wire systems. Another example of a drive by wire system is the sensor-based drive-by-wire system that automatically avoids a collision with another vehicle that comes too close.

the years of drive-by-wire systems are upon us and it looks like many more of these technological advancements can be expected over the coming decades.

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