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What is Park Distance Control?

Park Distance Control defined

This one is for those of you who hate trying to park in tight car parks. The park distance control feature is found on some of the new cars that are available on the market today. It won’t park the car for you, but will certainly guide you into those trickier parking spaces in the middle of town, the tight parking space at the church car park, or school pick-up and drop-off run.

Park Distance Control (PDC) uses sonar sound waves and high-tech electronics to guide you in tight parking situations. P ark distance control helps you park by audibly indicating when you are near an object, typically a parked car.

The principle behind park distance control is the ultrasonic sonar distance measurement technology, and is similar to the sonar systems used in deep sea fishing. By warning you of the distance between your car and another object, park distance control is an excellent device for protection against accidental damage. Park distance control can detect living creatures too, so the system helps not only to prevent damage to vehicles, but also to small children and stray animals to name a few.

Both the front and back bumpers contain ultrasonic sensors that relay messages to the driver inside the cabin usually via beeps of various tones. The tones emitted match the appropriate parts of the car, and the beeps become more rapid as the distance narrows between the car and an object. An example of this could be higher-pitch beep warning of objects near the front of the car, while a lower tone beep indicates objects near the rear of the car.

The park distance control feature is an electronic accessory that should prove very popular in the days ahead. Pity not every car has it.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is Park Distance Control?’!

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