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What is a Manual Gearbox/Transmission?

If you enjoy a drive that is governed by the car as much as possible, then I bet you enjoy driving a car with an automatic gearbox. I thought I enjoyed the manual transmission, but when I bought the car with the automatic gearbox, I was hooked. For those of you who like to be in full charge of what lies under the bonnet, then you probably enjoy driving a vehicle that has a manual gearbox/transmission . The manual gearbox is for the purists who enjoy whipping the gear lever through the gear ratios.

A gearbox/transmission provides the driver with the means for changing the ratio between engine rpm and driving wheel rpm to best meet each particular driving situation. It is becoming increasingly common for the gearbox in new cars to be one which the driver physically changes from one ratio to another by moving a gearlever.

The manual transmission is much less complicated then the automatic transmission. And for this reason the manual gearbox, tends to require less maintenance, and be more durable and dependable than the automatic transmission.

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