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What is a Coupe?

Coupe defined

So many people have a soft spot in their heart for the coupe variant of a car manufacturer’s model range. Who, if all practical requirements were taken out of the question, wouldn’t prefer to own, say, the HSV Coupe Signature GTO over the four-door variant? A coupe speaks of performance and individuality, freedom and perhaps (for some) sexual vigour.

The name coupe comes from the French verb couper meaning “to cut”. This suggests a small and tailored body shape. And a coupe’s all that! A coup is a car body style that has a sporty appearance; a low, sloping roofline and, in almost all situations, two doors. A coupe’s body style has a snug interior designed with either two seats or a 2+2 seating arrangement. The 2+2 seating arrangement inside a coupe has space for the driver and one passenger in the front and two passengers in the back – if the people in the back of a coupe don’t mind being cramped. This is where a coupe shows its sexy side – it’s a pleasure that’s enjoyable for two people.

Modern coupe designs, more often than not, feature styling that incorporates frameless doors where the window glass seals directly against the weather strip on the main body. This is, of course, especially true of the coupe-cabriolets that not only have the striking styling of a coupe but also have the freedom and panache of an open-top cabriolet.

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