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What is a Tachograph?

A tachograph is a device which will record a vehicle’s distance, time log, average speed and other related journey information.

The simple mechanical tachograph writes on a round piece of paper which constantly turns throughout the work day (a bit like the old fashioned seismograph). The marker moves nearer to or further from the centre according to the driving speed. An entire rotation encompasses 24 hours.

Because the mechanical tachograph is easily tampered with to give false recordings, they are being replaced around the world with the digital tachographs which record time, speed, distance and other data onto a smart card.

There is power in the tachograph. The primary object of tachograph legislation is to stop commercial vehicle drivers from operating excessive hours, losing concentration, falling asleep at the wheel and causing catastrophic accidents. It happens, especially with big trucks and tight timetables.

The tachograph can also create more of a level playing field for those in the commercial industry who transport goods long distances by truck and trailer. Bus companies also make use of the tachogrph for similar reasons.

Australia’s use of the tachograph has been a bit of a slow starter; although the tachograph has been in use in the bus industry inside Australian borders for some time now.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Tachograph?’!

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