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What is an Option Pack?

When buying a new motor vehicle, depending on the model, there will be an equipment list that mentions all the bells and whistles to be found in and on the vehicle. The more luxurious a vehicle, the more features it will have on-board. And what you will often discover when buying “top of the range” new motor vehicles is that the option packs available on the already well equipped vehicles will be very expensive options.

New vehicles will be displayed on the showroom floor to catch a prospective buyer’s attention. Once the prospective buyer’s heart has been captured by the snazzy vehicle on display, the salesperson will be ready to pounce. After a long talk about how well the car goes, the features worth pointing out, how much room it has for the wife and kids, and the simple financing options available to help purchase the new car, the prospective buyer becomes hooked and takes the car for a drive to show the wife. On arrival the wife is delighted, but she does mention that it needs mags, a sunroof, metallic paint, a towbar and a satellite navigation system. On arrival back at the car sales yard, you mention the extra features that you require. What the salesperson says is that there is an option pack available for that motor vehicle that lists the items you have mentioned and one or too more as well.

The option pack is a group of extra-cost accessories or equipment items offered together as part of a package – the only catch is the added cost to the purchase value of the new car. However if you and your wife, are happy, there’s no problem is there?

Different types of option pack are available for different vehicle types. A performance type car (e.g. an HSV or FPV) may have a sport or performance option pack that can include sporty suspension, decals, body kit…. A luxury vehicle (Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar) may have a technology or audio pack that includes a stereo upgrade, satellite navigation, rear seat DVDs or other high-tech features.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is an Option Pack?’!

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