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What is Keyless Entry?

Oh the pleasures of new technology. In the old days, there were no flashy features to enjoy with your car. Today, however, new cars are packed with an incredible array of gadgets that pamper and spoil the driver and occupants. Keyless entry is one of the latest additions to the “bells and whistles” that most new cars boast. Keyless entry is an electronic system that enables the door locks to be operated without the use of a conventional key.

At the push of a button, the driver can open all four door locks on the car. The battery operated frequency is usually sent by pushing a button on the car key ring. The frequency is sent electromagnetically from the key ring button to the receiver inside the car. After receiving the signal at the central locking receiver, the switch is closed, and the closed circuit powers up the central locking ystem to open the door locks. The reverse can be carried out to lock the car from a distance.

Other keyless entries, which are more expensive, require the owner’s voice to open the car door locks. The owner’s particular voice frequency channel blue prints the receiver so that the owner only needs to offer a voice command for the car doors to open up.

One very nice benefit of the keyless entry feature is that the driver’s door remains unscratched around the keyhole area.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is Keyless Entry?’!

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