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What is a Centre Console?

Centre Console defined

Console is a word that means many things. For instance, when used as a verb, “console” means “to comfort” and as a verb, console can be used for computers and even in music. However, if you add the word “centre” or “central”, you get the automotive meaning of console.

A central console is the storage compartment between the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat. For obvious reasons, you can’t have a central console if you have a bench seat in the front. Most modern cars have this set-up, locating the centre console behind the gearstick. The centre console area refers to the part of a car’s floorplan where the transmission tunnel runs, but the centre console area can also refer to the central parts of the dashboard.

A central console can have a variety of features that can include not only a storage compartment but also electronic gadgetry and vehicle control information. If the centre console is taken as the centre of the dashboard as well, then the centre console can include not only a storage area but also cupholders, a cigarette lighter or auxiliary power point, audio controls, the climate control/air condition system and possibly a display screen. Some centre consoles (referring now to that storage bin between the seats) have heating or cooling functions, and can be an ideal place to store food at the right temperature. This is a reflection of the growing modern trend of eating meals while driving (one trend-watcher said that the family dining room of today is the interior of an SUV).

Many luxury cars have lavishly trimmed centre consoles that can feature materials like leather, vinyl, varnished wood inserts and even aluminium.
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