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What is a Road-Test?

Road-Test defined

When a vehicle is taken to the mechanic for servicing, fixing or even a WOF, the vehicle will more often than not be taken for a road test. A road-test includes taking the motor vehicle for a drive to determine if there are any faults. A roadtest will also provide an assessment on the overall condition of the motor vehicle. In a road-test, performance can be monitored, vehicle behaviour, safety, road behaviour and fuel economy can all be analysed.

However, a road test is not only reserved for the mechanic. Before purchasing a vehicle, the prospective buyer can take the contraption for a drive to see if it is what they are could ultimately be happy owning. The road test is the “proof of the pudding”, so to speak.

Road tests are also carried out on new cars, by many reputable testing journalists, as the cars enter the market place. The road-test can provide useful information for the consumer on how good the cars’ pricing and equipment levels are, their overall design and build quality, performance, handling and road holding, comfort and convenience, specifications, and options available at extra cost. We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Road-Test?’!

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