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What is a Wishbone Axle?

There are many types of suspension designs including wishbone axle s that are used, and have been used in the past by motor vehicle engineers and designers.

The suspension is an important part of the car’s chassis. As the suspension involves the use of axles and springs to suspend a vehicle’ frame and body, engine and power train above the wheels, the type of suspension used will effect the overall ride and handling characteristics of a motor vehicle.

The axles maintain the position of the wheels relative to each other and to the vehicle body. Since, for most vehicles, the wheels are the only part touching the ground, the axles must bear the weight of the vehicle plus any cargo, and also any acceleration forces between the vehicle and the ground.

Many of you will have eaten chicken and therefore will know what the wishbone in the chicken looks like. It is the Y-shaped bone found in the wing attachment area of the chicken, and is the bone that two people compete to pull apart and make a wish with. The wishbone axle design in an automobile is an independent suspension system that uses a wishbone design to support the wheel pillars at the top and bottom.

Double-wish bone axle suspensions allow for more control over the camber angle of the wheel. They also help minimize roll or sway and provide for a more consistent steering feel. Because of these characteristics, the double-wishbone suspension is common place on the front wheels of many larger cars.

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