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What is an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)?

an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) defined

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is designed to go off-road. If a vehicle is described as an all terrain vehicle, it usually has four-wheel drive, high ground clearance and the big tyres needed to tackle all types of terrain, as the name suggests. An ATV can go places that a road car can’t: fields, hills, rocks, rivers, mud. An all terain vehicle can be used for pleasure – either as a means of getting to a back-country destination or to the perfect fishing spot, or for the fun of putting a vehicle over a challenging track involving deep mud, ruts and slopes that a non-ATV would be incapable of. All-terrain vehicles are also used as work vehicles, often by forestry workers or farmers. ATV vehicles are often fitted with differential gearing and low-ratio gearing to improve traction and grip in slippery conditions.

The term “all terrain vehicle” is also applied to quad bikes and tri-wheelers.
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