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  • Who is Private Fleet?

We’re a privately owned Australian company with around 40 fulltime employees and two offices.  We are the ‘original car buying service’ and since 1999 many imitators have come and gone.  What sets us apart is our systems, our people and, of course our huge buying power.  With 50,000 (and counting) deliveries under our belts we have the experience and relationships to provide the smoothest and most cost-effective service.


  • How can you save me money?

We’ve been helping Australians buy brand new cars for nearly 20 years.  As a car broker, we use our massive buying power and dealer relationships to extract prices that an individual would struggle to achieve.  Plus, our unique tendering process puts your vehicle request into a super-competitive environment.  Lastly, we deal with the fleet managers not the retail sales people.  Not only are they given more latitude to discount, they are remunerated on volume rather than the profit driven retail sales team.


  • How do you get paid?

We charge a small service fee to you ($178) which is only payable should you decide to go ahead.  We also usually receive a referral fee from the supplying dealer and/or manufacturer following delivery of your new car.  Rest assured though, that any price we quote to you is all inclusive, on-road pricing and delivered to the door with a full tank of fuel.


  • But if you’re a middleman, wouldn’t I be better going direct?

Nope.  Unless you have the buying power of 400 new cars a month, direct access to fleet managers (not the retail sales people), relationships with dealers spanning many years and a competitive online tendering platform you won’t get close.  Also, remember when you wander into that glossy, $50m dealership with dozens of bored staff, you’re paying for those overheads.  Our system brings efficiencies for all meaning you’ll  save serious money and we can still make a dollar.


  • I’ll, still not sure – what if I don’t want to go ahead?

Then don’t!  No one is here to force your hand – you have the final say whether to go ahead or not.  However, saying that, please understand that our tendering process is not taken lightly by us or the dealers.  Your assigned Private Fleet consultant may well dedicate 5 hours of his or her time in sourcing the best value deal for you.  Plus untold time and effort at the dealer end.   If you know what you’re looking for and happy to go ahead if (and only if) we save you time and money then please get in touch and we’ll get cracking for you.  If you’re at the early stage, that’s fine  too – our consultants love to talk cars so please get in touch for a chat… the formal tender can come later, no problem.


  • But what if I order, then I come across a better price?

This has happened.  The last time was in 2015 from memory when a disgruntled dealer who missed out on the order rang the client and offered to match Private Fleet’s price and throw in a set of floormats!  It’s a very rare event, however, for your peace of mind, we offer a full Price Match Guarantee meaning that should you stumble across a better deal on the same car (with the same conditions), we’ll either match the price or rescind the deal and return your deposit.


  • Do you operate Australia-wide

We sure do.  We have offices in NSW and QLD but, importantly have access to over 1,400 dealers across Australia.  So, we’ll try our best to source the car from a dealer local to you – they deliver the car, you pay them direct.  The only difference is the saved weekends trudging around the car yards and the price of course!


  • Trade-ins – what can I do about my car?

No problem at all!  If you have a car to trade-in, we’ll include this in the tender and hunt around for the best buy price from our network of dealers but also wholesalers and auction houses.  We can organise to pay out existing finance, transfer over personalised plates and simplify the process by offering one simple changeover price.


  • The car I want is a factory order/in high demand – guess you can’t help?

On the contrary.  This is where our industry position really comes into its own.  Whereas a retail dealer may be reluctant to shave much off an order car, where there may be a queue of other buyers ready to take your place, our dealers appreciate how we help them over the years with the not-so-popular models so are still happy to offer extraordinary discounts to our customers


  • The car I want is on driveaway special – guess there’s no further room to move?

Whilst it’s quite possible that a manufacturer’s drive away deal may well have already forced through a significant discount in the dealer’s margin.  However, there’s always more room to move and if there’s a further discount to be had, our consultants will find it.  Of course it varies from month to month and car to car so get in touch and have a chat about your options