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What is Semi-Automatic Transmission?

Semi-Automatic Transmission defined

A semi-automatic transmission is a gear system which uses electronic sensors, processors and actuators to perform the gear shifts on the command of the driver. This removes the requirement for a clutch pedal which the driver otherwise needs to depress before making a gear change. Because the semiautomatic transmission has a clutch that is actuated by electronic equipment, the synchronization of the timing of the gear change to the torque of the engine the gear shifts are not only precise and accurate, but are also quick and smooth. Though the cars boasting a semi-automatic transmission do not have a clutch pedal for the driver to engage, the driver still has the enjoyment of pushing the car through the gear ratios using a typical gear-selecting-lever.

The “semi-automatic experience” takes away the dreaded bunny hop starts and engine stalls when moving away at the lights. The European designers wanted to provide a better driving experience – especially in cities where congestion frequently causes stop-and-go traffic patterns that require the driver’s skill and energy to engage and disengage the clutch pedal smoothly and precisely.

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