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What is Climate Control?

Climate Control defined

Climate control led air conditioning is a luxury that you can find as a feature in many upmarket modern cars.

Older vehicles had a “climate control system” that saw you winding down the windows when it was too hot (or, in an older model Land Rover, opening up the front gaps under the windscreen to let the air in). And these older vehicles also had a basic heating/cooling system that simply threw hot or cold air at you, whichever you preferred, to get a more or less comfortable temperature.

Climate controlled air conditioning works like a basic air conditioning ystem and it is the advanced way of keeping a motor vehicle’s cabin at a pre-set temperature. You choose the temperature you find the most comfortable, then you let the climate controlled air conditioning system take care of the rest.

The air conditioning unit inside a motor vehicle is designed to extract heat from an area, using a refrigeration cycle. In a car, an electric motor drives a compressor, and this pumps a refrigerant around the evaporator coil, which is the cooling compartment of the air conditioning unit. This compressor also pumps refrigerant around the condensing coil (the heating component of the unit). Another electric motor pushes the exact amount of heated or cooled air from the climate controlled air-conditioning unit into the car’s cabin area according to the preset temperature.

The desired temperature level for the climate controlled airconditioning system is selected via buttons located in the car’s dashboard, although some cars have steering wheel mounted controls for the climate controlled air conditioning. The climate controlled air conditioning automatically adjusts the mixture of hot and cold air from the two compartments, and this mixture is fanned through to the cabin to maintain this temperature.

The luxury variants of many models feature dual or even triple zone climate controlled air conditioning, which allows the driver and the passenger(s) to specify different temperature levels for their area of the cabin.
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