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What is Brake Assist?

Brake Assist defined

Many of the well equipped models of the modern day vehicle fleet are becoming more and more endowed with cutting edge safety features like Brake Assist . Brake Assist is an advanced safety system that, when activated, will greatly reduce the stopping distance during emergency braking by rapidly generating maximum boost pressure. The Brake Assist safety system cunningly recognizes a sudden panic braking scenario where the driver exerts pressure on the brake pedal to avoid an unwanted accident. The Brake Assist System automatically senses the driver’s effort to stop the car as a result of panic and generates very high braking power.

When break assist is used in conjunction with the anti-lock braking systems, it results in faster and safer braking. Stopping distances are reduced, which can be the difference between life and death. Depending on the driver’s ability and genetic make-up (a big person can stamp on the brake pedal harder than a a small person), statistics for emergency stops in cars using this technology range from a 20%-45% reduction in stopping distances. Some road tests have revealed that a driver needs up to 240 feet (73 meters) to stop a car going approximately 60 mph (100 km/h). In the same scenario, cars with brake assist were consistently stopping in as little as 130 feet (40 meters). Cars with Brake Assist have superior stopping prowess to vehicles that have the more traditional braking systems. Who wouldn’t like to have all those electronically advanced safety systems like brake-assist that make travelling a safer more relaxing experience?
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