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What is a Spoiler?

Spoiler defined

There are many meanings for the word spoiler . Spoiler could refer to a team that has been eliminated from the playoffs and beats a team that required that win to advance further in the competition. Spoiler could also mean a comment which discloses the plot details of a book, play, video game, or film. Spoiler could also mean a candidate for election, who, while having little chance of winning, draws votes from another candidate with similar positions on major issues. With good intentions, this act has allowed the election of someone with contrary positions to come into a place of power.

Now, closer to the mark would be the aeronautical definition for spoiler which defines a spoiler as a device that reduces lift in aeronautics. Unlike the other types of spoiler, this type of spoiler is highly desirable!

Considering this, a spoiler therefore is a device that can change the shape and form of the air travelling around a moving object. Hence the definition for spoiler when used referring to automotive engineering and design refers to a device which modifies the air flow around a motor vehicle in progress. Often the spoiler will include an angle sloping upwards across the vehicle’s tail to create turbulence and reduce the aerodynamic tendency to lift the tail off the ground. The spoiler has the effect of pushing the vehicle’s tail onto the road when the vehicle is travelling at higher speeds, thus providing the driver more control of the vehicle at high speed. The spoiler may be placed on the motor vehicle as a way of increasing its fuel efficiency, but more often than not, a spoiler is fitted to the vehicle with the intention of improve its handling characteristics.

Oh yes – a spoiler also enhances the look of a sporty car and can be part of a sports option pack in many vehicles. They can also be retrofitted or added on as after-market options (VW Original Beetles look quite nifty with a spoiler fitted). If fitting a spoiler for handling or for looks, always bear the overall body shape and lines in mind. I’ve seen some spoilers that look awesome – and some boy racer cars fitted with massive spoilers that were way out of proportion to the vehicle. We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Spoiler?’!

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