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What is Cruise Control?

Cruise Control defined

Many top of the line cars offer cruise control as standard. Cruise control gives the driver the ability to control the speed of a car automatically. There are advantages and disadvantages of the cruise control feature, but essentially, it is up to the driver’s taste. Some love it, some don’t.

Hop into the interior of a car that boasts cruise control and open the throttle out to the speed you want to travel at. Now you can program this speed into the cruise control system so that the car’s throttle will electronically control the speed at which the vehicle travels on the open road. The cruise control will maintain your set speed.

The cruise control setting can be over-ridden by applying the brakes or pressure on the accelerator. After this over-ride – for example, once you have finished cornering and are back on the straight – the cruise control will kick in again and return the vehicle to the set speed.

The advantage of cruise control is that it can prevent driver fatigue on long journeys (you don’t have to keep pressing the accelerator pedal down all the time). Usually, cruise control can result in better fuel efficiency and a more relaxed drive. And you can avoid speeding tickets!

However, cruise control can have some potential accident risks. Cruise control takes your foot off the pedal, which disengages you from the car. This may lead to accidents, particularly if “highway hypnosis” (the dangerous illusion that the road is moving while the car is stationary) sets in. If cruise control is on and road conditions suddenly worsen, the potential for losing control of the vehicle becomes greater.

But these disadvantages can be overcome by keeping alert (coffee, anyone?) and being aware of the feedback from the wheel, and the road conditions. Cruise control is enjoyed by many drivers, who appreciate the effortless motoring cruise control gives on the motorway.

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