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What is a Shock Absorber?

Shock Absorber defined

A shock absorber is sometimes referred to by some as a damper. The term damper is perhaps a better sounding word which holds meaning to what a shock-absorber or damper actually does. A shock absorber/damper is used to describe a mechanical device designed to smooth out or dampen a sudden shock frequency and is therefore able to dissipate the kinetic energy smoothly as a result.

Shock absorbers form part of the suspension setup and are an essential part of any motor vehicle. In a vehicle, a shockabsorber reduces the harsh effect of travelling over rough ground. Without shock absorbers, the vehicle would have a terribly bouncy and rough ride, as energy would be stored in the spring and then released to the vehicle. To control excessive suspension movement without shock absorption would require stiffer springs, which in turn would give a harsh ride. Ouch! Shock absorbers allow a softer spring to be utilized while still controlling the rate of suspension movement in response to road undulations and bumps.

A common set up by vehicle manufacturers is the employment of springs and torsion bars as well as hydraulic shock absorbers. This is a great mix for absorbing and dissipating the vibration caused by bumps which the vehicle has to travel over.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Shock Absorber?’!

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