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What is a Station Wagon?

Station Wagon defined

Many people dream of driving a fast, hot-looking two-door sports car. However, on a day-to-day basis, the little sports car is not always the most practical means of transport for the average family man or woman.

To cater for the added space requirements a family needs, sedans can be bought in large sizes. But, if large engines don’t tickle your fancy – or, for that matter your purse strings – then another alternative will have to be looked at.

Here steps forward the station wagon . A stationwagon is a closed vehicle with the same seating as an equivalent sedan. But what it does have, which the sedan doesn’t, is an extended roofline and large, box-shaped luggage area. This added space for carrying luggage becomes very handy when the back seats are often filled with people who require the addition of necessary equipment being brought with them as travelling companions. Baby strollers spring to mind here. So do dogs.

The beauty of the station-wagon can still be within reach for those of the public who would prefer to own a car with lots of luggage space and with smaller-to-average fuel bills. Although there are the big Aussie Holden and Ford station wagons which boast colossal luggage and occupant space, there are many small to mid sized station wagons on the market such as the Mazda6, Subaru Legacy, and (perhaps leading the way) the Peugeot 207, 307 and 407 touring wagons. This is no means the extensive list of station wagons available to the Australian new or used car buyer. I suggest taking a look at the complete list of station wagons on offer, here on the Private Fleet website (click here).We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Station Wagon?’!

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