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What is a Compliance Plate?

Compliance Plate defined

A compliance plate is a small metal plate attached to a vehicle by a manufacturer or an importer that states that the vehicle has been proven to comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). The compliance plate is a quick indication to registration authorities that compliance with the ADRs has been demonstrated for the vehicle in question.

Extensive visual, laboratory and crash testing procedures are carried out on all makes and models of cars in Australia so that a standard of safety is met for each model. These national standards or ADRs which a vehicle has to meet in order to get its compliance plate include things like seatbelt performance strength and anchorage toughness (and many others). The steering column’s ability to collapse is another example of a test carried out on a model to ensure that it is safe for Australian roads.

A compliance plate is typically found fixed to a vehicle’s engine bay, door pillar or footwell. Always make sure that the vehicle you are considering buying has a compliance plate.

There are some vehicles that do not have to comply with the ADRs and be fitted with a compliance plate. However, these are exceptions and you should get the advice of an appropriate authority (not the car dealer trying to sell you a compliance plate-free lemon) before buying.

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