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What is a Driveaway Price?

It’s an exciting thing to buy a new or used car. But what, you may ask, is included in the overall price of the car you are about to purchase? The driveaway price is a motor vehicle industry term that indicates the retail price of the car, state charges, government charges and dealer charges as well.

When you are in the position to purchase a vehicle, it is important that you pay a fair price for the car. We recommend that before you pay the drive-away price, that you have the car checked over by an expert pre-purchase inspector or mechanic if it is a second car – no matter how attractive the driveaway price seems to be! (See the “Car Buying Tips” page for more advice and guidelines – there’s more to finding a good used car than finding one with the best driveaway price). However, new or used, make sure that you are paying the right drive away price. Just because a seller is asking for a certain driveaway price doesn’t mean that the car is worth that much. Most sellers expect to haggle a bit on the driveaway price, so if you go to a car sales yard, prepare to do this.

We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Driveaway Price?’!

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