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What is a Misfire?

How many boy racer (bang) cars have you heard (bang) late at night misfiring (bang)?. This can be (bang) quite an annoying and (bang) common event that occurs on our streets (bang) late on a Friday or Saturday night (bang) when we are just dropping off to sleep (bang).

As you may have guessed, and very probably have experienced, a misfire is a noisy event that sounds very much like a shot gun going off. A car that misfires is a car that usually needs a serious tune-up, and/or a car that requires some stern engine work done.

Inside a combustion engine, there are the combustion chambers that house the explosions of the fuel mixture that cause the pistons to revolve up and down. The timing of the spark which ignites the fuel mix is crucial for the engine’s performance. A failure of an explosion to occur in the combustion chamber is simply referred to as an engine misfire that occurs while the engine is running. A misfire may be a continuous or an intermittent failure.

Whatever the condition of the engine in which the combustion process is interrupted, a loss of power will result. It is highly recommended that the car in question be taken to the nearest “car doctor” for a check-up. Bang!We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Misfire?’!

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