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What is an Oil Filter?

an Oil Filter defined

Anyone who has had a go at changing the oil and oil filter in a motor car will know what an engine oil filter looks like. For those of you who haven’t lived, (and got their hands covered in mucky, messy used engine oil.) a description of an oil filter and an explanation of its function is in order.

Without the aid of friction, an automobile would not be able to move itself; however, excessive friction in the engine would cause rapid obliteration. Internal friction inside a working internal combustion engine is something unavoidable, but we can reduce the friction to a controllable level by using friction-reducing lubricants known as oil.

Oil filters are placed in the engine lubricating system to remove dirt and other abrasives from the oil and while the oil is being circulated. By removing these solid materials from the system, the rate of engine wear is greatly reduced.

Most modern passenger car engines have the oil pass through the filter before the oil flow reaches the bearings.

Other lubricating systems in the car, such as the transmission, also have an oil filter in place to keep the oil clean.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is an Oil Filter?’!

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