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What is Vehicle Stability Control?

Vehicle Stability Control defined

These days, a car needs to have great handling as part of its overall package to compete with other cars on the market that are sold within its class. In order for cars to excel and keep up with their competition, or better them, automotive technology continually makes advances.

Vehicle Stability Control is one such advancement that is a system that accepts and processes a range of electronic data which, in critical cornering situations, attempts to keep the vehicle safely on course by controlling each wheel separately – using the vehicle’s brakes and engine torque.

Many modern and current motor vehicles feature the Vehicle Stability Control as standard. Certainly, as an active safety feature, the Vehicle Stability Control does a superb job in keeping the car balanced and in control in the event of a sudden change of direction; and when this feature is combined with other active safety features such as Traction Control and ABS, a motor vehicle can be considered very safe if other passive safety features make the safety rating for the vehicle high.

No amount of superb safety features such as Vehicle Stability Control will be enough to combat the odds against a crash if wilful acts of dangerous driving are carried out.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is Vehicle Stability Control?’!

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