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What is a Lap Sash Seat Belt?

Lap Sash Seat Belt defined

Do you know the following rules and regulations?

* The driver of a car is responsible for ensuring that all passengers (young or old, fat or thin) use seat belt restraints at all times. The only exception is if a very old car is being driven.

* Babies under 12 months must be in an approved Child Restraint.

* There is nothing as good as an approved Child Safety Seat for children weighing between about 9kg and about 18kg.

* Children should continue to use child safety seats and booster seats for as long as possible.

But do you know what a lap sash seat belt is? A lap sash seat belt is just a fancy way of describing a seat belt that combines a strap over the thighs with a diagonal strap across the chest and over one shoulder. Lap sash seat belts are commonplace in all new cars these days. What sets one lap sash seat belt apart from another is not only the quality of materials used, but whether the lap sash seat belt is pre-tensioning or not, and whether the belt is incorporates a webbing-grabber design. Seat belt design and technology is advancing and improving all the time. And so it should be, too. Occupant safety is greatly important to the public, and all new car manufacturers are well aware of this fact.We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Lap Sash Seat Belt?’!

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