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What is Memory Seating?

Memory Seating defined

Comfortable seats that provide good cushioning and support are a joy to sit in. But when the seat can be adjusted to best fit your fine figure, the seat can be described as being superbly comfy.

In earlier days, cars would come out with front driver and passenger reclining seats that may or may not have been adjustable. And adjusting these seats was done manually by the use of a lever. Today, there are cars that come rolling onto the show room floor with front seats that not only are adjustable at the push of a button, but are able to memorise many different driving positions.

The memory seat is an electrically-adjustable seat that, at the touch of a button, returns to preset positions after being moved. This feature is very handy when the car is driven by more than one person, because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to driving comfort.

It is possible to get aftermarket seats that are electronically adjustable, with memory positioning as part of the package. But you need to shop around to find a good quality product. We hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is Memory Seating?’!

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