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What is a Long Wheelbase?

Long Wheelbase defined

The wheel base of a motor vehicle is described as being the distance between the centrelines of the front and rear axles. The term “long wheel base” refers to a wheelbase that is longer than a vehicles standard wheelbase option.

Many motor vehicle manufactures may have in their model line up more than one standard wheel base option. For instance, the standard Landrover Defender 4×4 will be sold with a standard wheelbase model on which most of the variety of defenders will be built upon. However, also included are the long wheelbase model for greater carrying capacity, and the shorter wheelbase model for greater off-road ground clearance and capability. Some car manufacturers will have a long wheelbase option of a particular model. The classic example of this would be the car manufacturer that produces a limousine version. BMW and Mercedes Benz have often offered a long wheel base option for their big-car flagship rangeWe hope that helps answer the question ‘What is What is a Long Wheelbase?’!

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