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2013 BMW M5


One can speculate why BMW decided to label their sport variants with the letter M. It was probably chosen as the initial letter of Motorsport, but the words “mesmerising,” “magnificent” and “mighty” also spring to mind (speakers of German could probably come up with some other apt descriptions beginning with M). These words certainly apply to the BMW M5.

All 5 series vehicles are excellent, but the BMW M5 surpasses them all when it comes to power. In this case, the M stands for “muscle”. The 5 litre V10 engine packs a mighty 373 kW at 7750 rpm enabling it to rocket from 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds of pure adrenaline. If you feel the need for speed, then the BMW M5 can certainly deliver the goods – it has had its top speed limited to 155 mph but is capable of much, much more..

Impressive power and speed are nothing but a liability if the car is unable to grip the road and keep safe. In this case, the M of the BMW M5 stands for “magnet”. As you play with the seven speed auto-shift manual gears, you will appreciate the speed sensitive power steering and the special suspension that allows the driver to select one of three modes – comfort, normal and sport- depending on preference and road type. No matter what type of suspension you select for your driving comfort and enjoyment, the dynamic traction control will keep the striking alloy tyres firmly on the road, come corners, hills or zigzags. ABS brakes with dynamic brake control help you check the power of the BMW M5.

The third M that applies to the BMW M5 is “mansion.” The interior of the BMW M5 is set up for driver comfort. Five people (four plus driver) can be seated comfortably in the palatial interior, which can come in a range of décor palettes. The front seats, in particular, are a voluptuous pleasure to sit in – these sport seats come with heated cushions, lumbar support and a range of powered adjustments so you can find the perfect position to enjoy the passionate speed of the BMW M5. A grand total of five (appropriately enough) 12 volt power sockets have been provided, and that’s just the start of the gadgetry. The entertainment system in the BMW M5 is superb – and it even has speed sensitive volume.

The BMW M5’s impressive presence on the road captures plenty of admiring looks. The M in this case could apply to it’s very manly looks. The curves and lines are harmonious and flowing enough to give it a smooth silhouette, and yet without a doubt the mighty M5 has hot looks that capture plenty of pace in the sporty profile . There is a certain satisfaction in pulling up at the lights beside a boy racer when you are driving a powerful car with deceptively conservative looks, then planting your foot and leaving the flashy-looking dinky toy well behind.

But handsome is as handsome does. And if power is an aphrodisiac, then the BMW M5 is indeed a sexy beast. The fifth and final M for the M5 would have to be “magnificent”!

Current model series include:

  • BMW M5 Sedan

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