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BMW 520d

BMW 520d

I’m beginning to really like the diesel powered motor vehicles available in the market place around Australia. Although I have a small diesel hatch, the similarities of good torque levels, fuel efficiency and quietness at high speeds make legging it, intercity, across Australia a relaxed affair.

BMW has certainly got the gluey mix setting right with their brand new BMW 520d. A Smart-looking saloon whether front on, side on or when looking at the vehicle from behind, this is a car that is a pleasure to own if looks were the only reason considered. Sleek, low profile lines give the car an expression of pace, while the attention to detail in the bodywork features like: leafed alloys, bulging rims, side skirts, aggressive headlights and a tight butt make the car very sporty.

All Beemers are made of premium grade, light weight, high tensity steel. Superbly engineered, the BMW 520 d is a safe option on any spec comparison. Loaded with safety features, your family will be as safe as houses inside this very comfortable, roomy saloon. Resplendent with features, you will find some amazing gadgetry that includes features like: The optional Lane Departure Warning system that gently vibrates the steering wheel just before you veer away from your lane. A camera mounted between the rear-view mirror and the windscreen detects the markings on the road ahead. As soon as the indicator is used (to pull out and pass for example), the Lane Departure Warning system is deactivated. This is so you are not unnecessarily distracted by false signals. Who, like me, hates emergency braking? They just are not a regular element of everyday driving. But it’s precisely at these moments that the fast reactions of drivers are most important. Brake Force Display is a dual-stage brake light system where the rear fog lights also glow bright along with the rear braking lights. Incredibly, BMW five –series sedans offer BMW Night Vision. This optional system reveals pedestrians or animals up to 300 metres ahead of the vehicle. It uses infrared camera technology and transmits a clear, high-contrast image to the Control Display. So even before an object comes into range of the 5 Series Sedan’s headlights you can identify it and react accordingly. This option is only available with BMW five-series sedans that boast Bi-Xenon headlights and the Professional Package. The BMW 520d is loaded with airbags, and it comes with safety designed for every occupant. The Advanced Safety Electronics system responds with the deployment of seatbelt tensioners and belt force limiters. Each of the airbags are inflated to the optimum level depending on the severity and the direction of the impact. If necessary, the system deactivates the fuel pump and disengages the car battery. Active safety features are many and amongst the best in the world. Your BMW 520d comes with the coveted five star safety rating.

The four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine is very quiet and superbly efficient. The rush of power is evident as the130 kW, 350 Nm power-plant pours on the speed. Its economical fuel consumption, which averages 6.1 litres of diesel for every 100 kilometres, is outstanding. Stealth-like and swift in progress, the BMW 520 d is very polished as it executes a delightful driving experience for the enthusiast. Zero to one hundred can be accomplished in, merely, 8.6 seconds. Point to point, the 520d express is impressively quick – thanks to the masterful engine response, sporty chassis design and balanced, and quick, steering response. The BMW 520 d offers a quality consistence in well balanced cornering and braking over and over again.

Comfortable seating for five adults, a well equipped cabin and elegant interior designs and textures make the 520d a pleasant long-journey companion. A leather interior, electric windows, a sunroof, Sat nav, Blue Tooth compatibility and a hot sounding audio system are all features that you could have in your impressive looking BMW 520 d. And take a look at the price; this is a healthy proposition for many new car buyers, and one that won’t break the bank with the car’s competitive price and low running costs. BMW engineering and reliability is second to none. If you haven’t tried a top quality diesel, then now’s your chance. You best take a look!

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