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BMW 7-Series


Model Update

You have got to expect the best in the latest BMW 7 series because that is what you are going to get. Some amazing features are on offer in conjunction with an already dynamic driving experience. This is a big luxury machine that handles like a premium sports car.

BMW engine designers have incorporated an electronic air flow control mechanism in the new 2010 7 series. The engine management system determines the engine’s cooling requirements continuously while driving. The air vents in front of the radiator open or close depending on the outside temperature and road speed. When shut, they improve aerodynamics, shorten the engine’s warm-up time, and also will reduce fuel consumption.

Another high-tech addition for the big BMW is the use of Brake Energy Regeneration which allows electricity to be generated without consuming fuel. Lavish luxury materials and upholstery have been used inside the very roomy and senasational new BMW 7 series interior. This is a powerful and unique luxury/sport driving experience that is reserved for the lucky 7 series buyer.

According to classical legend, there are seven colours of the rainbow, seven pillars of wisdom, seven days of the week, and seven heavenly bodies. Another classic that is legendary – but a lot more up to date – is the BMW 7 series.

The BMW 7 series is definitely a very roomy family-sized car, with seating for five. With an interior volume of 104 cubic feet, everyone will have plenty of space. Leather upholstery is just the beginning of the luxurious fittings available. For example, the front seats – which are bucket seats – come with heating, height adjustment, lumbar adjustment, thigh support, and shoulder tilt adjustment – and a retractable armrest. And if more than one person will be driving a BMW 7 series – and setting the seat to suit them – there is space in the seat memory for nine driver’s seat positions (and nine for the passenger seat, too). Two twelve-volt power outlets, cupholders front and back, an RDS audio system with radio and CD, a DVD-based navigation system with full map (in colour) and voice assistance and a voice activation system for radio settings, phone and navigation are some of the technological and comfort features. I would not be the least surprised to see a BMW 7 series being driven by a chauffeur, while a member of the top brass conducts top-level negotiations in the comfortable back seat (plenty of room to spread out papers, and the power point would be good for a laptop).

But why let a chauffeur have all the fun of driving the BMW 7 series? BMW prides itself on being the “ultimate driving experience”, so maybe the 7 series is an excuse to consider becoming a chauffeur as a career. The 740 and 750 models are V8 powered. The 760Li is the V12 “pearler”. The handling in the BMW 7 series is exceptionally good, with the electronic traction control and the driver-selectable responsive suspension giving excellent ride and on-road grip. The top speed has been limited to 250 km/hr, but even that is plenty to play around with and give the driver a real sense of exhilaration. The minimum power output that you will find in a BMW 7 series is 225 kW – so there ain’t no shortage of grunt!

Whether you drive or are driven – and I know which is more fun – safety is a very important aspect of any car. The BMW 7 series is no exception. The traction control, electronic stability control and ABS braking go a long way to keeping the car on the road and out of trouble. The size of the car is an advantage in a collision with another vehicle but, more importantly, the full complement of pretensioned seatbelts and airbags with advanced features will offer excellent protection. Lower anchorage for a child seats has also been provided in the BMW 7 series.

As the 7 series is BMW’s largest saloon car, it is almost limousine like in its size. The traditional BMW kidney-grille is proportionally quite small to the massive size of the car. In its silhouette, the BMW 7 series is uncluttered and smooth. Detailing is very clean and minimalistic, giving the BMW 7 series an air of subtle sophistication and understatement.

Driving a BMW seven provides you with an experience never to be forgotten. The car is totally sophisticated, with leading-edge technology and sublime performance, handling, and looks that are all wrapped up into one deliciously desirable package.

An exciting new development is due for the BMW 7 series in 2008, with the predicted launch of the Hydrogen 7. This will be the very first luxury vehicle that will offer powertrains fuelled by petrol, diesel, hybrid fuels and even hydrogen. Watch this space.

The current model series includes the:

  • BMW 740i
  • BMW 740Li
  • BMW 750i
  • BMW 750Li
  • BMW 760Li

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