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640i Gran Coupe


So what’s it like to drive? Nigh on glorious would have to be a way of describing the feeling one has when lucky enough to be driving the brand new BMW 6 Gran Coupe. Sumptuous textures and tones give the Gran Coupe an affluence that emanates the best a great GT car could offer. Yes there is heaps of luxury and yes there is lavish leather, but this new BMW 6 gets a little smarter in that it ticks a whole lot more features that make this great GT all the more appealing.

Slip into the two tone leather seats, and the room is superb, the feel sumptuous and the welcome fit for a king. The high-quality environment of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe does have noticeably more functionality about the interior, and the rear seating seems to offer better leg room. The car is offered as a 4+1 Coupe, which means that five occupants can be seated for short trips. However, for full comfort on long trips, the rear seat is like a full-on lounge suite for two occupants. If you were the third person sitting in the middle of the rear seat, you wouldn’t feel quite as comfortable after twenty minutes or so. Anyway, the two occupants in the window seats of the rear of the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé would want to oust you out the door so that they could enjoy the centre armrest which has cup holders built into the armrest feature. Also, the rear window seats do have built-in headrests.

Excellent storage facilities are set about the Gran Coupe cabin design, and you’ll find that you can lodge your travel accessories in the storage compartments in the central armrest and the drink holders in the centre console.

For a GT, boot space is decent. If it’s just the two of you, then the 460-litre luggage area can be made massive (1265 litres) if you drop the rear seats down. If you just need to carry some lengthy items like skis, then the centre armrest in the rear seat will fold forward to accommodate this sort of item. Also the rear seats do split in a 60:40 ratio.

It travels in an effortless, leisurely way. This is a car that is hard to match for pure driving pleasure and for seeing the country in style. Rest assured that leisurely can become lightning quick if you care to force the point. The BMW 640i Gran Coupe does harness some powerful horses. With 235 kW of power and 450 Nm of torque, the Gran Coupe knows how to get down and mix it with the best of them. Actually, a limited top speed of 250 km/h and a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 5.4 seconds gives you every indication that the land is moving past as quickly as you might think it is!

Inside the engine there is plenty of fresh talent. The TwinPower Turbo of the BMW 640i knows how to use the Twin Scroll turbocharger and Valvetronic technology in unison to create a level of acceleration that is breath-taking at times. Petrol direct injection generates a precisely adjusted petrol-air mixture within milliseconds while the double-Vanos system will optimally adapt the engine performance across the rev range. Greater power always feels accessible across the wide band of engine revs. Performance also walks hand-in-hand with efficiency. An everyday drive should return you around 9.0 litres/100 km. It all depends on how you use the right foot!

No need to get hot and flustered though, the BMW 640i Gran Coupe features four-zone automatic climate control and electric sun blinds for the rear windows and rear windscreen. Other items worthy of a mention are the active cruise control and camera systems to aid the drive. BMW’s familiar head up display and night vision are standard, while parking assist and driver assist also resonate as a well acquainted BMW feature.
I do think that the new BMW 6 Gran Coupe is the nicest looking big GT on offer. It’s all sport, beauty and elegance at once. Classy to the max, the all new BMW 640i Gran Coupe is here.

The current BMW 6 Series models include the:

  • 2012 640i Gran Coupe
  • 6 Convertible
  • 6 Coupe

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