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BMW 420d


BMW 420d convertible

The new 4-series from German manufacturer BMW has roared onto the Australian scene and is already proving to be popular with many drivers across the country. Among the line-up of coupés and convertibles in the 4-series range is one diesel: the BMW 420d.

The feature that makes the BMW 420d stand out from all the other 4-series models is, of course, the diesel-powered engine. This is a very notable engine that’s got a lot going for it, so we’ll start our outline of the BMW 420d with a look at this engine.

Those who are used to the numbering system used by BMW have probably already figured out that this engine is a 2.0-litre unit. And you would be right, unless you want to be picky and pedantic, in which case the precise cylinder capacity is 1995 cc.  The engine also features common rail direct injection and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry, which is a very technical way of saying “nice and peppy”. The engine is certainly no slouch, with the power curve peaking at 135 kW and the vehicle capable of getting to 100 km/h from a standstill in 7.3 seconds. Diesel engines are renowned for having juicy torque so, as you would expect, the 420d engine does not disappoint: 380 Nm of it on tap, which is 40% more than what you’ll get with a similar sized petrol engine in the 4-series Beemers.  The transmission system in the BMW 420d is the same as what you will find in the other four-series offerings: an eight-speed sport automatic unit.

To look at, you have two possibilities for the package you’ll find the 420d engine: coupé and convertible.  It’s hard to say which of the two is the more attractive. Both have clean, streamlined lines that have a touch of aggression; striking-looking dual bi-xenon headlights and 18-inch alloy wheels; front and rear fog lights, just to name a few features.

Naturally, the key difference between the two (coupé and convertible) is in the roof. Obviously, the convertible BMW 420d can go topless, thanks to the retractable hard-top roof. This roof is nice and tough during chilly winter conditions but can go back when you want to enjoy the sun and air. In the convertible, the retractable roof is well insulated and has a vibration-dampening feature. With and without the roof up, the convertible BMW 420d looks pretty good.

Both the coupé and the convertible versions of the BMW 420d have a long and very impressive list of standard features. The most attractive of these – and the one that is the deciding factor for a lot of people if we’re honest – is the entertainment and information system. Gone are the days when you thought that you were lucky if you had a radio and a cassette tape player (remember them?) in your car. The BMW 420d has a radio, all right, but it also has USB interface so you can plug in your favourite device and your favourite playlist. It’s also got Bluetooth preparation for your phone that even allow you to have voice control and to access the internet when you’re on the road… although it’s smart enough to only let you go online when the car’s standing still – you could call this a safety feature of sorts. You also can find the navigation system so you can find yourself, and this includes an 8.8-inch colour display, a DVD drive and 20G of storage for audio files. The audio tracks that you play, no matter where they come from, are played over the six-speaker sound system.

BMW 420d coupé

BMW 420d coupé

Other features for your comfort and convenience in the BMW 420d include the dual-zone automatic air conditioning, which features microfilters and a very handy fogging sensor – no more frantically trying to re-set the way the air flows when you start off on a cold evening. You’ll probably also enjoy the lights package – lots of LED lights everywhere in the interior that won’t drain your battery if you want to read a magazine while you’re waiting in the dark. Other neat features include the auto stop/start function, the keyless engine starter, the ability to use ECO Pro drive mode to maximise your fuel economy, cruise control, park distance control front and rear, the rear view camera, heated seats (driver and front passenger), memory function in the electrically adjustable seats, and keyless access to the vehicle and the tailgate.

Three trim lines are available in both the coupé and the convertible version of the BMW 420d as no-cost options: the Sport Line, the Modern Line and the Luxury Line. Many of the differences between them are minor – things like the colour of the window recess cover and the exhaust pipe, (black, satinised aluminium or chrome) and little details in the styling here and there.  The Luxury line also throws in a special lighting package that allows you to choose the lighting colour for the welcome lights and the interior ambience – plus some very elegant wood trim to complement the leather seating.  All of them have leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheels.

All three variants of BMW 420d, regardless of the body style, have all the active and passive safety features needed in a good quality modern car – and that includes rollover protection in the convertible model. One of these features is the Active Protection system which, if it detects an imminent crash, will close the windows and pretension the seatbelts, followed by braking the vehicle to a complete stop after impact. The disc brakes have all the bells and whistles: ABS, Brake Assist and Cornering Brake Control. You’ll also find that the dynamic stability control and the traction control help the handling of the BMW 420d.

All in all, the BMW 420d is a very fine car that is bound to be popular with those who want a good medium sized car with all the fine tradition of BMW motoring plus the benefits of diesel.

Current model series include:

  • BMW 420d coupé
  • BMW 420d convertible

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