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2023 BMW 3 Series Petrol

2023 BMW 3 Series Petrol front in black

The 2023/2024 BMW 3 Series is one of those cars that delivers a premium drive with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a well-equipped car, all the while using superbly efficient ICE/Hybrid technology to get you across town, between cities or even out for a long roadie.  It doesn’t matter which model of new 3 Series BMW you drive, as each one is capable of performing any of the said trips with ease.

New 3 Series with an ‘e’ at the end of the model name have a strong flow of hybrid power and the premium technology that it offers, where driving on battery power, emissions free, can be enjoyed frequently for long periods – great for town trips.  This type of driving makes for exceptionally low running costs, where the fuel consumption figures can be as low as 2.0–2.5 litres/100 km.  The versions without the ‘e’ in their name provide a fuel consumption figure that will sit somewhere between 6 and 8 litres/100km, depending on the model.  Obviously, and like an EV even, the consumption rates change according to driving style, weather conditions, and on how many features you have on at the time of travel (e.g. climate control heater, driving lights, smartphone charging etc.).  The petrol models have some of the sweetest engines you’ll find on the planet, where they deliver plenty of power, refinement, and efficiency.

With proven RWD driving dynamics, technology, refinement and safety, the BMW 3 Series Sedan and Wagon have long been lauded as the mid-size luxury class benchmark.  The current G20-generation 3 Series Sedan, launched in Australia in 2019, secured itself the 2019 car-sales Car of the Year award, joined later by the G21-generation 3 Series wagon, which is also available here in Australia and is known as the BMW 330i M Sport Wagon.  M3 versions of the Sedan and Wagon are also available for the drivers who just have to have the quickest!

BMW offers their Sedan buyers no less than seven models to choose from.  Whether it be the base model BMW 320i Sport Collection or the top of the range, and very quick, M340i xDrive, all the 3-Series Sedans are fine tourers, comfortable, and exceptionally safe.  Equipped with a decent level of standard equipment, even the 320i Sport Collection model wows with its top-end features – like leather seats and fully electric adjustment for front seat occupants.  As you enter the new 3 Series cabin, you’ll be greeted with a pleasantly well-lit and appealing cabin environment, with an array of ambient lighting functions for the night time drive.  Each of the 3 Series Sedans boast gear shifters on the steering wheel, and there is manual cruise control for the 320i Sport Collection and 330e Sport Collection styles, or there’s active cruise control for the other five models in the line-up. 

Everything feels classy with a new BMW and well put together, the mechanicals and switchgear working like clockwork – just as you’d expect in a premium driver’s car.  The digital driver’s display is standard right across the 3 Series range and delivers on clarity and high-definition graphics.  Only the 320i Sport Collection is without a Heads-Up information display. 

2023 BMW 3 Series Petrol Interior

All of the 2024 BMW 3 Series Sedans come with an integrated navigation system, so there’s no excuse for losing your way home.  Digital sound radio makes for great audio, and the Sport Collection models come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  Each model has a smartphone charging cable in the cabin, and there are connecting ports in the front and rear seats for mobile devices.  The higher-end BMW 3 Series Sedans also come with a wireless connection/charging space at the front of the cabin under the centre dash.

A new 2023/24 BMW 3 Series Petrol Sedan uses hybrid technology and provides a comfortable ride when out on the open road.  These are great cars to drive quickly on any road, perfect for the highways around Australia.  The steering feel offers great feedback, and the road holding is exceptional.  BMW xDrive models are AWD, and entertain safely, even in the wet.  All other models are RWD and delightful rides. 

The 330i Sport Collection and the M340i xDrive 3 Series Sedans come with an electrically operated sunroof, offering a lovely open-air feel to their motivating driving experience. 

There isn’t much to dislike about the charming new BMW 3 Series Sedan and Wagon, petrol or hybrid, for 2023/2024.  

2023 BMW 3 Series Petrol rear

The BMW 3 Series model series includes the:

  • 330i M Sport Wagon
  • M3 Touring Wagon AWD
  • 320i Sport Collection Sedan
  • 330e Sport Collection Sedan
  • 320i M Sport Sedan
  • 330i Sport Collection Sedan
  • 330i M Sport Sedan
  • 330e M Sport Sedan
  • M340i xDrive Sedan

For any more information on the new BMW 3 Series models or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of BMW dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!