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BMW M4 Coupe

BMW M4 Coupe

BMW M4 Coupe

What a stunning piece of machinery!  Known as the BMW M4 Coupe, the lines of the 2-door bodywork are sleek and powerful, and one of the raciest designs I’ve seen from BMW, yet.  Yes the BMW M4 Coupe is exceptionally fast, however the excellence in safety and comfort are first rate.  And, instead of kicking off with the low down information on the engine, I’m going to take a look at the M4 safety credentials as well as the some of the features of the M4 cabin that makes it so satisfying to drive.

All BMW cars, and no less the M cars, come with a comprehensive list of advanced safety features that aim to minimise the risk of accidents.  BMW have used ultra-high strength multi-phase steel in the passenger safety cage to ensure maximum rigidity.  Defined collision channels take the force of the impact away from the occupants in the event of a severe frontal accident.  The BMW M4 also boasts strengthened components in the B-pillars and side skirts, highly rigid side impact protection in the doors, as well as a stable seat cross members.

Safety design has advanced so much, and manufactures of modern vehicles are always looking for ways to make our roads safer.  BMW has introduced a new feature for protection of pedestrians.  To better protect pedestrians, a shock absorber has been placed into the front area between the bumper and bumper cover.  This reduces the severity of leg injuries in the event of an accident.  In addition, the bonnet is fitted with deformation elements that form a crumple zone, helping absorb impact energy.  The new BMW M4 also has an Active Protection warning device that warns the driver if it detects any signs of tiredness in the driver.

One of the joys of driving is experiencing the way in which the car handles the road, and the new BMW M4 Coupe has taken grip and composure to a new level.  Not only is the pleasure of driving enhanced, the grip ensures that in tricky situations, the BMW M4 chassis has the best accident avoidance ability already inbuilt in the cars superior driving dynamics.

BMW M4 Interior

BMW M4 Interior

Get behind the wheel of a new M4 Coupe, and the sexy interior boasts some of the best sports seats in the business.  Again, the dash design and materials have been enhanced to make for a very stylish and appealing interior with a blend of M Sportiness and true BMW elegance.  The pop-up display screen is large and informative and is situated behind the centre dash air vents.  A new dash layout is busier in its design and layout, but in a way that is interesting and likeable.  A true sport/luxury mix, the cabin even boasts carbon fibre trim and, of course, loads of glorious leather.  As you would expect, the M4 Coupe is loaded to the hilt with advanced technological and luxury features.

This is the first time that the M3 is going to have a name change.  Simply put, the M3 line is now going to be known as the M4.  M3 lineage is interesting to glance over, as the first of the M3 type cars was an inline four-cylinder engine.  Next, came the straight-six cylinder E36 model, followed by the straight-six cylinder E46.  Then in 2007, the M3 E92 model was powered by a naturally aspirated V8 with 313 kW of power.  In 2014, the M3 becomes the M4, and the engine under the hood is a 317 kW six-cylinder with turbo power.  A feeling of scintillating acceleration is felt when the new M4 Coupe is opened up.  Only 4.7 seconds is all it takes for the car to reach 100 km/h from a standstill.  Maximum torque is a thumping 550 Nm – just perfect for whisking passed slower traffic on the motorway.  BMW claim that the 80-120 km/h acceleration can be accomplished in just 2.38 seconds!

For a truly everyday user-friendly racer, the BMW M4 Coupe is brilliant.

Current BMW M4 models include the:

  • M4 Coupe
  • M4 Convertible

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