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2020 BMW 1-Series

2020 BMW 1-Series

One of the really new small hatchbacks in the diverse world of small hair dresser’s cars is the 2020 BMW 1-Series.  It’s been holding out for many years trying to keep the RWD layout which has made it a delightful proposition in the handling game.  But, finally BMW has gone the way of FWD for their latest 2020 1 Series.  FWD is cheaper to produce and means competitive pricing, and the BMW stacks up well with other premium brands in this segment. They have had a while to come to grips with getting traction in other ways that aren’t RWD.  BMW owned FWD Mini handles sublimely, and the BMW 2-Series Touring has had FWD as well for quite some time.  BMW also have some of the best driving AWD models on the market, so I can’t see BMW getting too far off the kind of fun driving dynamics that we’ve come to expect from the brand.

2020 BMW 1-Series

What’s on offer?

The design embraces a chunky body that offers plenty of space, and you’ll note that the front kidney grille is much bigger than before, and it meets in the middle – like it does in the new 3-Series.  The grille is very elegantly outlined in chrome, and the fit-and-finish is first class.  The prominent slanting headlight design gives a more purposeful look to the new 1-Series and can come as a full LED arrangement.

So, BMW have shortened the overall length of the 1-Series but there is more room inside the cabin thanks to the new FWD layout.  Headroom and knee room have all improved – so too the space for bums-on-seat along the rear bench.  And the boot is bigger, as well, making it all that much more appealing to those who couldn’t care less whether there small BMW hatch was RWD or not.  Practicality has leapt forwards in the new 1-Series, so it’ll be interesting to see which new hatch potential buyers will get themselves into, which also means it might be a little unsettling for the small Beemers rivals.

2020 BMW 1-Series

Slip inside the 2020 1-Series and the design is much smarter and modern than before.  The edgy lines and crisp styling is very fresh, something that I think needed to happen for BMW to pick up some more attention and first-time buyers.  It’s classy, and it needed to be with recent Mercedes Benz and Audi interiors being superb.  Changeable mood lighting is a nice touch, while the streamlined dash is gorgeous.  As standard, the new 1-Series gets a 9-inch touchscreen with all the brilliant functions and HD graphics – very cool!  The digital driver’s display is as elegant as it is functional and is a real step-up over previous models.  You can follow satellite navigation directions between the speedometer and rev counter.  I like this layout.

Infotainment in the BMW 1 Series has all you’ll need and more.  Upgrades are available that can fit a 10-inch touchscreen with gesture controls.  You can also control the touchscreen in your new BMW 1-Series with the more familiar round BMW iDrive swivel dial that you’ll find between the two front seats.  Active Siri Voice Control is a brilliant option for infotainment systems but does cost a bit more than standard packages.

There is a fair bit of sharing going on between the new BMW 1 Series, the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer and the BMW Mini with chassis componentry, but it handles like a BMW should.  Five years of development on the FWD set-up ensures that the new 1-Series works its way around corners very nicely.  It even has limited-slip technology for the FWD driving wheels, and this technology ensures that the steering remains sharp and accurate in all types of road conditions and all types of driving styles.  Accelerating out of corners keeps the grip neatly secured for the front wheels to gain as much traction as possible – even in the wet.

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer and Mini engines share their talented diesel and petrol engines with the new 1-Series.  The 118i has a very good little 1.5-litre turbo petrol for putting sprightly and willing performance down on the road.  You can even get around 5.0 litres/100 km with this one so running costs, at least at the pump, are looking good.  A dash from a standstill to 100 km/h can be completed in less than nine seconds.  The 115d has a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder turbodiesel for doing the business.  And getting the business done is a breeze in this guise.  The 115d should prove popular with its superb fuel economy and lusty torque.  The combination of small hatch and torque makes for a rewarding drive.  There is also a 2-litre, 118d which is only a little less efficient but spools up the diesel torque figures, however.  BMW 120d xDrive models boast AWD, so should the new FWD BMW layout disconcert you, then this is the one for you!

Those who want the most powerful version can opt for the flagship BMW M135i.  With its twin-turbo, 2.0-litre petrol engine you’re never short of a gallop.  You do have 228 kW of power and 450 Nm of torque mind you!  Boasting AWD, a limited slip-diff, an 8-speed auto and launch control you’ll be cruising the motorway quickly in this wee number.  A 0-100 km/h can be done in around 5 seconds; it is after all an ‘M’ version.  Nice sporty detailing looks good both on the exterior and inside the hot hatchback’s cabin.  An extended roof spoiler, unique ‘M’ model grille, 18-inch alloys and big twin exhaust outlets mark this one out as the speedster.

Like the bigger 3-Series, you can get your new 1-Series with the parking assist function, which when you get horribly stuck up a driveway the car can simply reverse out for you – with you only needing to operate the accelerator and brakes.  A full previous 50-metre memory makes for a pretty long driveway that you can get yourself stuck up.  Try it simply for amusement’s sake!

I like it.  You’re likely to like it too, so get on down and try one out for yourself.  There will be a 1-Series fit for you.

2020 BMW 1-Series

The 2020 BMW 1-Series may vary according to what BMW decide to import down under.  But the 1-Series models include the:

  • BMW 118i
  • BMW 115d
  • BMW 118d
  • BMW 120d xDrive
  • BMW M135i

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