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BMW 530d Gran Tourismo


If you were to ponder what a more family orientated James Bond might like to drive in the next Bond movie …you might just come up with BMW’s new Gran Tourismo. What better way to run the kids to school in complete style, go on a weekend away to the coast with the family in complete style, and mix it with the FPVs and HSVs running there wheels hot on the tarmac?

Taking a leap into an area uncharted by BMW shows a lot of guts. Moving away from the conventional sedan, estate and coupe designs to a more sweeping hatchback design is a bold move from BMW. I guess they have shown their hand at the SUV territory with the X5 and Sport Utility with the X6. Perhaps this is a ‘all-knowing’ move in a tactfully though-out direction.

Actually, sitting here pondering the all new BMW 530d Gran Tourismo and what alternatives are out there, I couldn’t help but think of Holden HSV Clubsport RS8 Touring as the closest rival to this new Beemer. Under the hood, the BMW 530d Gran Tourismo has enough torque to move a mountain. And with 540 Nm accessed between 1750 and3,000 rpm, the BMW Gran Tourismo 530d competes very well with an HSV engine over twice its size only mustering ten Nm of extra twist – and only at 4600rpm. Strictly speaking, the BMW 530d Gran Tourismo is a hatchback/fastback design and not a true estate like the Clubsport Touring is.

Find an open piece of road and really wind the six-cylinder diesel engine up flat-out, and you’ll be pleasantly reminded of just how capable BMW engines really are. Always a true performer, the BMW 530d Gran Tourismo is capable of muscling up a sprint from 0-100 km/h in around seven seconds. The beauty of the big GT style is not only in its swooping lines, its also in how the car covers the ground effortlessly and in complete composure. Cornering is impeccable, thanks due mainly to its simple rear wheel driven chassis and sports tuned suspension.

Inside the BMW 530d Gran Tourismo is an interior that boasts luxury and design flair that will take your breath away. Incredibly elegant leather seats, a computer display screen in the mid-dash area, wood grain inserts with flashes of chrome, a swooping dash design that is simple on the eye, and a Smart and sophisticated appearance make for a sensational luxury package from BMW. BMWs are ergonomically excellent, and the BMW 530d Gran Tourismo is no exception. An easy to read speedometer, perfectly positioned switchgear and front seats that are so very comfortable to sit in (heated too) and electrically adjustable make for great times in the front of the BMW 530d Gran Tourismo. Looking at the rear seats and you would be sure that the BMW 530d Gran Tourismo was built fit for the king of Saudi Arabia. Copious legroom and masses of shoulder room create a relaxed, comfortable environment for those sitting in the back seats. The back seats can be moved to and fro 100mm too. Storage compartments are handily situated nicely through out the cabin area, and the car comes standard with all the best luxury items. If you still want more, then optional items like: 4-zone climate control, telecommunications technology, satellite navigation, a USB port, a DVD entertainment system and a panorama glass roof are some of the goodies on offer.

Indeed, the unique, tall proportions of the Beemer GT set it far apart from Audi‘s more conventionally shaped A5 Sportback and low-slung Porsche Panamera. Very safe, the BMW 530d Gran Tourismo is definitely a hot drive offering class leading space and driving dynamics.

The current model series includes the:

  • 530d Gran Tourismo

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