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2021 BMW iX3

2021 BMW iX3

So here we have a typical 2021 BMW X3 electrified.  The standard X3 is a nice package on its own, even in standard guise.  The new X3 stands tall being a luxury SUV and has various levels of trim/packages that you can buy if the standard car isn’t exactly what you want.  There are also plenty of options available to kit up your car; for instance a premium sound system package or a driver assistance feature might be something that you’d like to have on your new BMW X3 but the rest of the car is all good.  M Sport versions are also available as are Luxury Line models.  So this new electric BMW X3 is very much like the others but much different when it comes to the way the car is powered.

When it all boils down, the 2021 BMW iX3 has had the conventional combustion engine and driveline of the other X3s taken out of it.  BMW have replaced all this with an electric motor and some battery packs so that it runs entirely on electricity.  How does this electric BMW X3 stack up against the very good Volvo XC40 and XC60 Recharge models, Jaguar’s iPace, Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV, the Mercedes Benz EQC and Audi e-tron?  Well let’s have a closer look at what the new iX3 offers.

In the looks department, the 2021 BMW iX3 is pretty much identical to the current X3 SUVs, however there are some exterior differences that are unique to the electric version of the latest X3.  On the iX3 nose you’ll notice that the kidney grille is mostly solid with not many vents.  Why?  Because electric power doesn’t need a water cooling system that includes a radiator.  You’ll also see subtle blue surrounds on the BMW emblem and grille, which are linked with BMW electric cars.  The blue trimming continues along the bottom of the doors, while the mag wheels have their very arty design that sets it apart from the other X3 models.  There are various i badges about the car, too.  At the back of the car an enhanced roof spoiler is part of the improved aerodynamic design to help expand the SUV’s all-electric range.  Where the twin exhaust outlets are on the other X3 SUVs, the iX3 blocks these up and has blue surrounds which look pretty cool.

2021 BMW iX3

Hop inside, and the cabin is just like the other X3 models but with more blue trimmings married with the chrome detailing and silver trim, which looks pretty nice to my eye.  Even the engine start/stop button is blue.  The 2021 BMW iX3 gets the best infotainment screen available, so it’s the one you’d find in the top of the range X3 models.  You also get the classiest digital driver’s display with its clean lines and excellent graphics.  Wireless connections and charging for your phone, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, gesture controls, voice controls, emergency braking, active cruise control and zoned climate controls are all items that make life in an iX3 very nice.

Back seat travellers get excellent seating space, and even though the batteries are set under the floor and rear seats, the design ensures that you get a decent level of bum and leg space which is the same as the other X3s.  Knee room and head room are top class, and you can even recline the seats.  Only the Jaguar I-Pace has more rear occupant space.

Boot space and practicality is also excellent and the iX3 gets a powered tailgate as standard.  The luggage area (510 litres) is slightly smaller than an Audi E-tron’s but bigger than a Mercedes EQC’s.  The only thing you really lose out on with an iX3 is a bit of underfloor storage, but there’s still enough room for the charging cable.  Tie down points, a 12V socket and netting are all handy features.  It really is a superb loading space; there is a skid plate that you can slide your cases over; the entrance is flat with no lip and there are levers close to the boot entrance that can be pulled to flatten the split-folding backrests of the rear seats – should you need to acquire the cavernous boot space beyond.  Once the rear seats are folded, the floor is flat and the space massive (1560 litres).

The new BMW iX3’s electric motor produces 213 kW of power and 400 Nm of torque.  Unlike most X3 models, the iX3 is rear-wheel-drive only.  It’s also not the fastest version of the X3, but it’s still pretty swift, as it boasts a 0-100 km/h sprint time of around 7 seconds.  Its top speed is limited to 180 km/h.

The BMW iX3 takes the brake regeneration system to the next level.  The iX3’s regeneration system is linked to the satellite navigation and driver assistance systems and will adapt to the road situation ahead of the car.  So, for instance, the new BMW iX3 will automatically slow down when you’re approaching a junction.

The latest lab tests reveal that the  BMW iX3 has a range of 456 km.  That’s quite a long distance, a bit further than the Audi e-tron and Mercedes-Benz EQC, but a bit less than the Jaguar i-Pace.  Normal driving conditions, as we all know, are different to a lab test, so the BMW iX3’s range will be slightly lower than the claimed figure.

You get the new 2021 BMW iX3 available in two trim levels: Premier Edition and Premier Edition Pro.  The BMW iX3 Premier Edition boasts a long list of standard equipment that includes a 12-inch digital driver’s display, 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless phone charging, electrically adjustable leather seats, electrically opening boot lid, adaptive suspension (soft, comfort, sport) and a panoramic glass roof.  The BMW iX3 Premier Edition Pro also ges a premium Harman Kardon stereo that is mind-blowingly good, a head-up display, park-assist, automatic headlights, adjustable lumbar support for the front seats and gesture-control.  Both versions come with the option of white, black, blue or grey body colours, with gloss black or brushed metal grey for the vehicle’s exterior trim.

The question in my mind is whether you would still consider an electric vehicle to be entirely better than a hybrid alternative.  That said, if you want an electric SUV, then the iX3 makes a great show of itself.

2021 BMW iX3

The 2021 BMW iX3 models include the:

  • BMW iX3 Premier Edition
  • BMW iX3 Premier Edition Pro

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